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Purch and Holding was formed to provide quality service from initial first meeting to final cleaning at project completion. Our experience draws from years of being in the field and understanding construction methods, building science, cost implications and how they interact with one another. We help realize client's goals while working together with architects, engineers, and designers while providing insight to the process and expectations whether a minor remodel, new home, or commercial project.

We have successfully completed a variety of complex, high performance homes including Net Zero, Net Zero Ready, and Passive House. We are certified Passive House Builders and Sustainable Home Professionals for a greater understanding of building science We understand the best practices, materials, and costs for any project, but especially for those seeking energy efficiency.

Our commercial experience includes bars, breweries, as well as other tenant improvements. We enjoy the creativity that comes with commercial projects and how to showcase a professional space. Understanding the deadlines and carrying costs prior to opening the doors are important, working with an experienced team can let you worry on other aspects of your business.


We're not tract home builders so we know that each project is unique with it's own set of considerations and goals. We take the time to understand your priorities and help provide additional information so you can make the best decisions for you. We want to be part of the discussion early with the design team to help ensure that your project goes as smooth as possible and for all of us to work towards the common goal of a successful project.

If we're a good fit for one another, we provide detailed initial estimates that are informative and can be adjusted as more information is provided. Once we near the project start, we create a work schedule that helps you plan for phases of activity. Finally, although we're a small company, we provide a dedicated person to your project who is on site while a someone is in the office helping ensure that all the other non physical aspects of your job are being addressed in the background to ensure success.

Whether you're looking for a contractor to help with your  remodel, ground up home, commercial improvement or that remote build, we'll provide you with a high level of attention.